Y MOVE - Feminist Fight Club

Ages 15+, Females only, Beginners, Multilevel.

"Feminist Fight Club"

What is "Feminist Fight Club"? Watch the movie, then think from a non-testosterone-driven lens! In practice, it's a semi-freestyle format meant to encourage women to practice controlled aggression and assertion. This "FeministFightClub" session will be an hour-long women-only activity, guided by a facilitator. If men want to support by observing they are most welcome. No recordings are allowed.
Why "Feminist"? We can talk about this! But, those who join in should be open about feminism or self-identify as feminist.

Bernice Lee is a multi-hyphenate dance artist who enjoys her shapeshifting work. She will be facilitating Feminist Fight Club because she loves the idea so much and is eager for open discourse and simply fighting. She is not an expert on feminism nor fighting. As a mover and performance-maker she loves experimenting with different forms and modalities, and cares about going beyond "action" into "activation". What does an action do beyond its effect on the doer?
She is excited to make "Feminist Fight Club" happen as part of Move Fest, after a chance encounter with the idea and a group of artists at Time Place Space: Nomad Arts Residency in the Australian outback. She sees dance as embodied culture and looks forward to being part of this movement.


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Sun Aug 5, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM SGT
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